Valentino's Garden Terrace Bistro

Valentino’s Garden Terrace Bistro 2017-07-17T06:23:14+00:00

Sabay Sabay Street. #31, St. 174 Phnom Penh

Set in a tree and plant adorned garden terrace, Valentino’s Bistro has a beautiful wall-wide and high waterfall to create the perfect backdrop and, importantly in Cambodia, to cool things down. The scene is simply beautiful. We sat down to our table to enjoy the live band that provided the background music for the evening while we looked through the menu. Although we had already heard of the bistro’s signature dishes, which include the western-styled Jaeger Schnitzel and the famous Khmer Fish Amok, we were delighted to see a variety of other interesting dishes on the menu. The menu itself, we were informed, has been designed by a western chef who remains in residence to oversee and maintain the high standards of the ultra-modern kitchen, the presentation of the food and, of course, the service. We decided to order a variety of dishes at our table and take a taste from each others and get a feel for more of the menu. There are many ingredients to the success of a restaurant and we felt all the boxes are being ticked at Valentino’s. Suffice to say, we were very impressed with our experience and sent our regards to the chef. While we were there the roof was opened and we and the other diners ate, talked and relaxed under the stars.

We had a fantastic experience and received good and attentive service – Oh, and the food was great too!

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