Tropicana Bar

Tropicana 2017-07-20T05:18:21+00:00

Sabay Sabay Street. #24, St. 174 Phnom Penh

Tropicana Bar is a completely new concept for Sabay Sabay Street based on a Caribbean theme.

The bar is not a LGBTQ bar but the staff are extremely gay-friendly and the bar is open to all. Here you can hear the deep soulful base of Caribbean music while eating exquisite Caribbean food and delicacies. At night time you can experience a more up-beat atmosphere as there is room to dance and really let your hair down. Just by speaking to him for a few minutes, we could tell that Dilly, the manager, loves what he has created and we loved it too!

If you fancy something a little exotic and outside the norm of gay tourism, why not give Tropicana a try!

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