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Sabay Sabay Street, #1 St. 174 Phnom Penh

The Puzzle Chamber is the first board games’ cafe to arrive in Phnom Penh. This new concept is extremely popular with locals, tourists and ex-pats alike. It literally has hundreds of board games to choose from and resident English and Khmer speaking ‘Games’ Masters’ to help you get playing straight away. We loved that! No need to read through the sometimes pages of instructions here. The Puzzle Chamber is more than just a place to play great games, it is also a fabulous place to eat and drink too! There menu has some fantastic varieties of food including their signature burger which includes a giant slice of beetroot and the Khmer favorite, borbor, a noodle soup which has an assortment of sides in which you can tweak the taste to suit your palate. The cafe serves excellent coffee and drinks and is exquisitely designed to create a stylish backdrop for your games and food and includes a shaded rooftop terrace and their ‘Stella Artois Rooftop Bar’ where you can enjoy a welcome breeze while you sip on this world-famous beer.

Playing games is not mandatory, many people just go in for a coffee or lunch, but we couldn’t resist and we had so much fun that we are happy to recommend this venue for any itinerary.

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