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Sabay Sabay Street. #24, St. 174 Phnom Penh

With many travelers visiting Sabay Sabay Street, Generations has now become a great meeting place for all to make new friends. Boasting a lively group of gay staff and a fun mix of customers, the atmosphere is both relaxed and generates its own entertainment. The bar has evolved from a show bar into the place to go in Phnom Penh where you will always get a genuine welcome and the most diverse and often comical conversations. We chatted to some regulars there and met some travelers too who everybody enjoyed sharing experiences with. The promotion at this bar runs all night long and although the bar was meant to shut at 2am, we checked our watches, and after Mark (the manager) arranged a tuk-tuk for us to get back home, it was already a blurred 3.45am. Suffice to say, once you enter this bar it is difficult to leave. To round up this review – this is a great place to go if you prefer a chat to a show; the service is great, a plethora of travel tips are available and the bar staff are engaging and a lot of fun.

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generations bar
generations bar
generations bar


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