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Sabay Sabay Street. #24, St. 174 Phnom Penh

After traveling around Cambodia for a couple of weeks and living out of backpacks, by the time we got to Phnom Penh we felt like we all needed a make-over. Evolve provided the answer! Evolve is a new concept for Phnom Penh and its business is to make you look and feel like a movie star. Here you will find a barber and hairstylist who also offer a traditional shave with a cut-throat razor and hot towels. There are also pedicure and manicure services, full-body waxing, facials and muscle manipulation which includes a free head massage with every haircut and shave. For me, I’m a hairy guy and, while I love traveling, there is no doubt that sweating all day does produce a rather unsavory odor. For the sake of my friends and co-travelers, I decided to get waxed.

I’ve been waxed before and it hurt. I mean, it really hurt. The beautiful Miss Mong reassured me that their waxing technique is as pain-free as is possible. It did sting, but no more than that. The qualified and certificated therapists really know what they are doing here. For a full-body wax on a hairy person like me, the process took about one hour and I really felt like I had ‘evolved’ with my now super-smooth body. The prices for waxing depend on your amount of hair which was great for my Khmer friend who had his private parts and nipples waxed at a reduced rate as he spent only 10 minutes in the private waxing lounge.

My other friends had haircuts and shaves and one had a facial too. All were very pleased with the results and off we went with a new air of confidence, both looking and feeling great.

We went there on a Monday morning at 10am and were lucky to be able to be seen. It is worth booking in advance especially for lunchtimes and after 5pm as these are the peak periods.

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